The Pace University STEM Center Collaboratory

Our teaching fellows, in conjunction with Pace professors and students, have been hard at work creating fun new STEM education based mobile apps for grade students.  Below are a few examples of what you are going to see presented at the Stem Collaboratory Conference 2013!  


Matthew Craddock, Millennium H.S., Chemistry 10th-12th grade

Mobile App: Ionic Compound Rummy

A new twist on the classic card game based around the question: “how do ionic compounds work?”
Players will learn as they play becoming familiar with names and the history of compounds. Awesome!


Mackenzie Wallace, P.S./M.S. 8, Mathematics 6th Grade
Emilie Zaslow, Pace University SOE
Liv Dylan, Harbor School

Mobile App: Diving Divas

These three ladies are bringing fun back to STEM education with an interactive game for the girlie middle school generation. Your avatar is a scuba diver who completes quests by venturing through the ocean deep.  Along the way you must calculate buoyancy levels, read depth gages and understand BOYLES Law to win! Your prize at the end of each quest?  A new accessory/article of clothing for your outfit! How fun is that?!


Joyce Kong, Millennium H.S. Bio/Chem 9th grade

Mobile App:  Units and Measurements based app

This app may not have a title yet, but that certainly does not detract from its ability to teach students units and measurements.  The app challenges the students to use math, visuals, and text to help them identify and calculate units of measurement.  Hello?! This app will help students in ALL areas of STEM education.    


Katya Erlij, Millennium H.S., Living Environment, Chemistry, Bio/Chem I & II, 9th and 10th grades

Mobile App: Literacy and Chemistry based app

This app allows students to practice reading chemistry questions and identify exactly what the questions are asking of them. Question comprehension is key if a student is hoping to pass exams! The app is not a static one and the questions asked will be updated accordingly.  What else will student gain from using this app? EXTRA CREDIT! Erlij plans to utilize her own app in a classroom setting to allow her students extra credit points.  5 questions….5 extra credit points.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


David Becker, Millennium H.S., Math 9th and 12th grades
Chris O’Neil, Millennium H.S., Geometry 10th grade

Mobile App: Metamorphrase (draft title)

We love this classic word game based on Lewis Carroll’s idea of doublets!  Go through a series of logic games and solve the doublets.  You’ll get the hang of this challenging word puzzle in no time.  Once kids have the gist, they can create their own!  An excellent and fun way to ignite the mind…


Jessica Harris, International H.S, Chem/Bio/Living Environmental 11th and 12th grades

Mobile App: Living Environment Test Prep

This is a very exciting test prep based app using flash cards.  Harris design this app with her ESL student in mind in order to help them learn science English vocabulary and answer actual regents multiple choice prep questions while they are at it!  Test prep for the ESL student has reached a new level of efficiency.